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Online in Awka Anambra, Eungu capital Eungu, and Owerri Imo

We can make your journey stress-free. We book your hotel before your arrival and pick you up from the arriving point, Airport, Car park, Dockyard or Harbour to the hotel destination. all so do the same (To&Fro).


All booking are done manually by us. “Hotelbooking Admin” To book a hotel online, with please follow these steps:

  1. Determine your travel dates and destination.
  2. Search for hotels using website
  3. Select your desired hotel and room type.
  4.  Contact us via call or whatsapp +2348059185009 after the agreement is settled with the admin, send your personal information and payment will be sent to bookspen Ltd account number, given to you for payment.

Some tips for finding the best hotel deals on website include:

  • Booking in advance can often result in lower prices, as hotels tend to raise their rates as the arrival date gets closer.
  • Be flexible with your travel dates. Sometimes, you can save money by traveling on days that are not as popular, such as midweek or during the off-season.
  • Look for promotions or discounts, such as special rates for members of loyalty programs or discounts for booking multiple nights.

It is important to carefully read the hotel’s cancellation policy before booking, as policies can vary. Some hotels charge a fee for canceling a reservation.

A booking both for the “hotel reservation and Taxi pick up” cancellation policy is a set of rules that outline our terms and conditions for canceling of a reservation with

  1. Our deadline for cancellation of  both “Hotel reservation and Taxi pick up” is 48 hours before the scheduled arrival date.
  2. on a cancellation of agreement deal already settled on “Hotel reservation and Taxi pick up”, 30% of the percentage of the total cost of the pick-up to the full cost of the Hotel reservation for the penalty for canceling a reservation.
  3. The balance shall be withheld with company until the next booking and reservation of the same client with same information is requested or on demand by the clients for a refund, the said balance of 70% shall be refunded on the 30th day of the next month from the day it was first book for reservation.
  4. We shall be fully responsible for our client’s wellbeing from the pick-up point to the Hotel location.

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