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BooksPEN Group: Where Fast Service Meets High Rates with Transparent Transactions!!!

BooksPEN Group has an e-commerce department that helps customers easily purchase and sell online by offering secure, quick, and convenient e-currency conversion services. We offer one of the most dependable and rapid connections to the global e-currency market in Nigeria for Bitcoin & TetherUS (USDT). We facilitate the exchange of fiat for digital coins and vice versa. Furthermore, we‘re a group of blockchain enthusiasts who’ve banded together, so you can take part in this brave new future. If you do business online, we make it easier for you.

We built a marketplace where you may purchase and sell Bitcoin & TetherUS (USDT)  with just a phone call away or a chart and with a wide variety of payment options. We can receive your payment from freelancer for you such from Fiverr, Toptal, Upwork, Guru, Flexjobs, SimplyHired and private hires via PayPal, Payonner, Bitcoin, TetherUS (USDT) and pay you in cash to local banks.

Our goal is to give e-commerce options that no one else can match. We don’t even allow you to take any chances. We take all the risks for you and bring our services right to your door.

When it comes to buying, selling, and exchanging ecurrency in Nigeria, Books Pen Group is the go-to service provider and one of the top online crypto trading platforms. Our daily sales volume went from the low thousands to well over two million Naira as we expanded from a small firm to a thriving enterprise.

If you’re looking for PayPal, Payonner, Bitcoin, TetherUS (USDT) electronic e-currency funds services, look no further; our service delivery staff has extensive experience in these areas. Thus, we are more than capable of performing at the same level. We have a mission to offer secure and low-cost e-currency exchange services, and we have set numerous goals to get there. Our client service is unparalleled, and they will attest to it. When it comes to exchanging e-currencies, cash to e-currency, or e-currency to cash, our clients include some of the largest online Forex brokers, online merchants, exchangers, consultancy firms, and individuals.

How We Stand Out

We are one of the largest electronic e-currency exchanges, serving both institutional and individual customers. A customer’s order status can be tracked in real-time through our convenient system. The same business day is used for both receiving and making payments.


Why choose us?

BooksPEN Group‘s mission is to become the global standard in electronic e-currency and crypto-currency trading, payment solutions, and related services for businesses and consumers. The foundation of BooksPEN Group is honesty and safety. There aren’t many trustworthy Bitcoin & TetherUS (USDT) traders on the continent, but we’re one of them, that you can trust. We are an early adopter of the seamless transition network and an integral component of the industry’s development. BooksPEN Group is powered by BooksPEN Ltd that has a valid CAC registration.

Funding in PayPal, Payonner, Bitcoin (BTC), Tether (USDT), Bitcoin (BUSD), Bitcoin (BNB), Ethereum (ETH), etc., is our specialty. Fast payment and payout are guaranteed features of all our services in our e-commerce department.

Professionals on our team work around the clock to accommodate customers’ busy schedules and help us maintain our stellar reputation.

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